99 rainy days

Friday, April 26th, 2013 08:16 pm
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Just what the hell is with this weather, anyway? Seriously? I've gotten to the point where I loathe anything but hot summers and vibrant autumns. Spring plain sucks - it's nearly May & my ugg boots are ruined by all the random floodings we've been having.

In other news, life is good >.< Only 1 more week of school, then 3 finals the next week! I know I always say it every semester: "Oh em gee! So excited for school lolz!" Then when it's almost over, I'm all "SWEET JESUS PLZ END THIS HORRID SEMESTER OF DEATH". Honestly, I just can't wait to leave here and start university life with my husband. So weird, it'll be. But I'm an adventure taker like that :)

The Place Beyond the Pines stays with you. For days. Wow. What a great film. Is there anything Ryan Gosling can't do? Flawless man is flawless.

I made spicy chicken patties and pepper jack cheese mac for dinner. Where the hell did my diet go ;_; I don't even want to talk about it, I'm too ashamed. JUST IGNORING IT OK BYE.

On an ironic note, I'm addicted to cherry amaretto gelato. I'd make babies with it, you know, the little dollar samples of Ben & Jerrys size babies.

Darcy won't poop outside today - fucking rain and flooding all over the yard, and our neighbors seem to have memory problems because they keep walking in and out ever 2 seconds, and of course, Darcy hates that shit as much as I do. GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE K.

I'm not usually this teenage-angsty when I blog, but fuck it I'm gonna this time. I'm articulate 99% of the time, tonight it's okay for a little mindlessness. Plus, I just finished taking 4 math quzzes on MyMathLab and picking out scenes from Othello for my English paper. Yeah, I'm a badass like that.

Until next time...

friends only!

Friday, April 26th, 2013 11:57 am
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