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50s music, 80s, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, bauhaus, campfires, camping, candles, candy, caves, cemeteries, cereal, cocteau twins, college, creepypasta, crystal castles, dachshunds, dead can dance, delta rae, depeche mode, destination truth, dream pop, driving at night, enchantment, euphoria, exploring, faith no more, folklore, food, forests, game of thrones, ghosts, giraffage, glitter, goosebumps, goth, grave encounters, guilty pleasures, gypsy 83, halloween, hauntings, horror, house of leaves, hungry lucy, incense, industrial, jackalopes, jennifers body, jesus and mary chain, kavinsky, keeping secrets, kirby, layne staley, love and rockets, love spirals downwards, lush, machines of loving grace, mazzy star, megan fox, mike patton, ministry, nature, neil gaiman, new wave, nine inch nails, nintendo, nox arcana, paranormal, peeping tom, photography, pretty little liars, purity ring, puscifer, rainy days, road trips, rollercoasters, route 66, rpgs, ryan gosling, sarsparilla, scary stories, secret of mana, serge gainsbourg, shoegaze, sleeping, spahn ranch, spooky, steampunk, stone temple pilots, storms, summer, taking risks, the blair witch project, the church, the cruxshadows, the cure, the descent, the gashlycrumb tinies, the radio dept, the smiths, the twilight zone, thieves like us, thunderstorms, toasted marshmallows, tom hardy, tom waits, tones on tail, traveling, trick r treat, turtles, twin peaks, u2, unsolved mysteries, urban exploration, urban legends, velvet acid christ, video games, washed out, weird things, witch house, writing
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